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You need an OUTsideIN HangUPs Garment Bag! Here's why:

OUTsideIN Garment Bag Details

  • Measures 24"wide x 42"tall
  • Heavy-duty, no snag zipper
  • Unique bead & button zipper pull
  • Heavyweight, breathable woven fabric
  • The lining provides stability & support

    OUTsideIN Luggage Benefits

    • It's both durable and beautiful
    • Highest quality, handmade, small-batch construction
    • It provides stylish, long-lasting performance
    • It's quick and easy to transport garments in and out of closets.
    • Using your own hangers means you don’t need to pull garments off their hangers and fold them when you're heading out, or to unfold and hang them when your trip ends.

    OUTsideIN Luggage Use

    Carry your HangUPs garment bag over your shoulder or fold the bag in half for easy transport. Just grasp the bottom, pull it up to the bag's top, loop it over the hangers holding the garment inside, and your ready to go.

    The heavy-duty zipper means no snags. It's easy to use, with a unique bead and button zipper pull that whispers, "One-of-a-kind!" and makes it easy to grab the zipper, even when you're in a hurry. And travel almost always means "hurry", doesn't it?

    Bring your garment bag along in your car, on board an airplane, bus, train, you name it!

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