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Collection: Thistle

The Thistle  Luggage Collection includes a HangUPs Garment Bag (1040G) and LoadUPs Tote Bag (1040T), and Commuter Bag (1040C), all handmade with beautiful home dec fabric. The garment bag features a broad horizontal stripe in grey and white and a black no-snag zipper.

The body of the tote bag has a sketched pattern of black leaves on a grey background accented with magenta blossoms. The pocket features the same grey fabric as the garment bag, and the straps are black with a white star motif. The no-snag zipper is black.

The commuter bag's body combines the leafy fabric with a grey pocket and straps in velvet-touch white fabric with a pattern of black equine spots. The no-snag zipper is black.

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  • Thistle Wristlet Bag - 1040W
    Thistle Wristlet Bag - 1040W
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