Scripted FreedUP Sling Bag - 1100F

Scripted FreedUP Sling Bag - 1100F

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This is a single (adjustable) strap bag that loops over your head to rest comfortably on your left shoulder and lays on your back to allow you to easily carry necessary items hands free. Alternatively, it can be worn over the right shoulder to lay across the chest.  It's compact but roomy at approximately 7" wide by 3" deep and 11"tall.

There's a zippered pocket on the outside and an elastic pocket on the inside.  It's fully lined with a head to head double zipper that holds the bag closed.  The zipper pulls are decorated with a one-of-a kind embellishment of buttons and beads.

We are grateful to be using the Sandhill Sling Bag pattern copyrighted by Anna Graham of Noodlehead, Inc.

This bag features random words and phrases in light brown script on a beige background.  It is fully lined.