Ink Blot CrossedUP Crossbody Bag
Ink Blot CrossedUP Crossbody Bag

Ink Blot CrossedUP Crossbody Bag

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The OUTsideIN version of the very popular crossbody style bag is just the right size to carry everything you need with the security of being worn across your body.  Not only does this keep your bag safer but it allows you to keep your hands free to handle all the other things you have going on.  

The CrossedUP bag is approximately 11 inches tall x 11 inches wide.  Just below the top, the bag is slightly gathered by elastic.  This cinches the bag in.  It's further secured by a magnetic fastener that holds it closed.  

The strap is three inches wide at the bottom and tapered to the top where it's tied into a knot. The drop length is approximately 24 inches but this can be adjusted simply by untying and retying the knot at a different place.  

The design of this white bag looks as though it is covered in black ink blots.